Scholarship in Engineering introduction: This page provide a golden opportunity for you to apply for your desired scholarship, studentship, funding and fellowship  in engineering. Scholarship in Engineering-the links will take you to list of scholarship that you can apply for. Please leave a comment if you need further help and we will be glad to reply you as soon as possible…



value:  Differs

Scholarship in Engineering priority:  Varies

area considered:  Depend on employer

deferability: Depend on employer

payment tax deductibility: varies from  employer

for women? women are encourage to apply

Scholarship in Engineering for physically challenged? NA

selection criteria: Depend on employer

multiple applications? NA

Scholarship in Engineering citizen eligibility: Depend on employer

 countries eligibility:  varies from  employer

course eligibilities: include but not limited to ,Aerospace, Architectural, Biomedical, Biomechanical, Civil, Construction, Environmental, Geotechnical, Industrial, Computer, Electrical, Electronics, Eng. Technology, Management, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Project Mgmt, Robotics,Software

age eligibility:  See link

sex eligibility: See link

awarded more than one? See link

types: full time or part time? See link

process:  mainly by application

degrees or course specialization to apply for:

Scholarship in Engineering submission portal: employer portal

submission via email applicability: NA

contact person or site for question regarding to scholarship:  employer

start date: Depend on employer

end date: Depend on employer

level: Varies

language eligibility: varies

family cover for spouse, partner and children: Depend on employer

Scholarship in Engineering health insurance: depends

work permit : NA

country eligibibily: Depend on employer

Referee: usually yes

when to apply? contact employer

for International, national or local? NA

for graduate or undergraduate or post-docs ?  NA

 Scholarship in Engineering application opening:  See link

deadline: See link


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